• Tori Neal

COVID 19 Precautions

I would like to address our schools procedures we are following in light of COVID-19


  1. At Coastal Family Preschool we teach children proper hand washing hygiene.

  2. Children Wash hands when arriving at school, before and after eating, when hands are noticeably dirty, during potty times, and when coming in from outside.

  3. We also make sure our staff is using proper hand washing hygiene to prevent sickness.

  4. Staff will adhere to guidelines and wear masks until governing officials recommendation otherwise.

  5. Social Distancing policy will be set into place for parents, children, and staff. See Social Distancing Procedures for more information.

  6. Coastal Family Preschool uses CDC approved disinfectant and sanitization for cleaning and disinfecting.

  7. We are asking if families or staff are not feeling well that they remain home during this time.

  8. We will be checking children’s temps at drop off and sending home if temp is above 100.1

Prevention for families

  1. We do encourage practice of proper hand washing for children at home as well as school. We sing the ABC’s song while washing hands.

  2. We encourage parents to have their children wash their hands during drop off and pick up.

  3. Again I would ask all children and parents to stay home if they are experiencing any signs of illness.

  4. During this time Coastal Family Preschool would ask that parents try to remain off site during operation hours besides drop off and pick up.

  5. We ask parents to be diligent and honest during this time to keep the health and safety of the entire school.

Exclusion from school and campus

  1. We are asking anyone who has had direct contact with COVID-19 to remain off campus for at least 14 days after exposure.

We take these precautions for the health and safety of children, families, and staff, who are involved in our community.

- Tori Neal

Preschool Director


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