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Social Distancing Procedures

Coastal Family Preschool cares about your child’s health and safety. One of our top priorities is providing a safe, nurturing environment that allows children to flourish and grow. With great thought and counsel from California Community Care Licensing we have come up with some social distancing guidelines for parents and children at school.

Social Distancing

  1. Children will practice social distancing as much as possible. We are aware that children's interactions with one another help in a child’s learning and development. We are practicing social distancing by having children sit further apart during group times. We will be keeping children in smaller groups.

  2. During Meal times children will be spaced further apart. We have set in place that children do not share food and we will continue to practice safe eating and hygiene. Teachers will use proper food handling. They will also be expected to wear gloves when serving children food.

  3. Community Care Licensing has encouraged child care centers to increase their time outdoors to prevent virus spread. We will be extending our time spent outside and be offering more outdoor activities for children.

  4. When needed to be inside teachers will limit the amount of children gathered in one area.

  5. CCL has changed ratio sizes for childcare centers in light of COVID-19 we will now adhere to a 1-10 ratio until advised otherwise.

  6. Coastal Family Preschool will plan activities that promote single play, small group play or large groups that can be done while social distancing.

  7. Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

  8. Children’s personal items will remain in their enclosed cubbies. Children will not be allowed to share toys or things from home until further notice.

  9. Children while napping will be placed at least 6 six feet apart. Children will not be placed facing one another while sleeping.

Health Checks

  1. Coastal Family Preschool will screen staff upon arrival. Staff will be asked to keep the health and safety of others in mind when coming into work.

  2. Staff will be trained on what social distancing means and how we can implement social distancing in the activities we provide for children.

  3. Anyone who has a fever of 100.1 or higher will be excluded from the program for that day.

  4. If anyone has been in contact of COVID-19 We ask that they remain off site for at least 14 days.

  5. Upon arrival staff will screen children’s wellness. Staff will also continue to screen a child’s wellness throughout the day and keep in close communication with parents.


  1. Teachers and staff will teach children about social distancing in a way that can be easily understood. Staff will talk to children about maintaining distance with friends and remembering to ask before touching another friend. Children will be encouraged to give high fives instead of hugs. Teachers will model social distancing to children.

  2. Teachers will teach children the importance of proper hand washing.

  3. Teachers will teach children about proper etiquette for sneezing and coughing. Children will wash hands when they sneeze or cough into their hands.

Drop off and Pick Up

  1. Parents will sign in and out of the program outside the gate while dropping off their children to the program.

  2. If multiple parents arrive at once practice social distancing while waiting for your turn to sign your child in.

  3. Teachers or staff will have children wash their hands and put their items away upon arrival.

  4. Upon departure Teachers will have children wash hands and get personal items from their cubby.

  5. Hand sanitizer will be available to parents at entryways. We encourage using hand sanitizer before using Ipad to sign your child into the program.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  1. Staff is trained on proper sanitizing and disinfecting procedures.

  2. Staff will clean and sanitize or disinfect all frequently used surfaces.

  3. Staff will clean and disinfect all toys used for that day.

  4. Staff cleans and sanitizes all dishes used from the school and will place any items from home in a child’s cubby to be taken home and cleaned.

  5. Staff will clean and disinfect the bathroom after each use.

  6. Staff with clean and disinfect nap mats after each use.

If you have any questions regarding our Social Distancing Procedures you can reach out to our director Tori Neal at

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