Preschool Program

The preschool classroom will have opportunities to grow in their knowledge of the world through natural environments and experiences. Nature can help children develop and learn in all areas of development. We believe children are naturally curious and the beauty of nature allows them to explore their independence, and further their ever-changing minds. 


We believe creativity and innovation are developed through the arts of all forms. We provide daily opportunities for children to express themselves in dance, drama, visual arts, and music. Allowing children to freely express themselves through creativity helps with the developmental process.


Children are naturally curious, it is a teacher’s job to foster that curiosity and expand upon children’s learning. Teachers are intentional in their conversations and curriculum planning. Curriculum is emergent based meaning that lessons are based on children’s interests and stages of development. 


Coastal Family Preschool strives to give children a firm understanding of who God is. We believe in giving children a Biblical foundation. Part of our Biblical foundation is equipping parents with the tools to help their children in their walk of faith. 

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